ISA Policies and Operational Guidelines

Manual of Operating Procedures


These Policies and Operational Guidelines (POG) represent official action of the ISA Executive Board. The first set of material covers specific policies related to how ISA conducts business and interactions with individuals, including members, volunteer leaders, employees, and other organizations. The second set of material includes guidelines and information related to typical activities and operations within the Society. The Society policies and operational guidelines are to be consistent with the ISA Bylaws, all laws and rules governing 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations in the United States, the State of North Carolina, and any laws or rules of the applicable jurisdictions where Society entities and activities are located.

ISA Operational Guidelines

The following operational guidelines have been adopted by the ISA Executive board to provide instruction and information for ISA leaders as well as staff in the conduct of ISA business.  In combination with the Policies and the ISA Manual of Operation and Procedures, these documents describe the manner and method by which Society activities will be conducted.