This policy governs the Society’s nomination and election process for the elected positions as determined through the bylaws. This does not apply to Sections, Districts, or Divisions. 


Any professional member can submit a nomination or petition to ballot as per the bylaws. Self-nominations are accepted. Eligible nominees confirm their willingness to serve by completing an application. Completed applications are reviewed by the Nominating Committee, which keeps all information about nominees confidential. Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible for nomination. 


Elections are conducted electronically and include biographical information supplied by each candidate. The Nominating Committee may review and edit any candidate statements that may conflict with Society values or policies. Voting is open at least 15 days but no more than 31. All eligible voters will be notified. 

Eligible Voters – Professional members in good standing on the first day of the month preceding the month in which the election is held are eligible to vote. Eligibility for voting for technical department vice presidents is determined through the bylaws.

Vote Tabulation – The candidate with the most votes wins the election. In the case where more than one position in the same office is to be filled, voters will have the option the select multiple candidates matching the number of open positions. If there is an abbreviated term, the candidate(s) with the most votes will get the full term.

Results – At the conclusion of the election, and after candidates have been notified, the results indicating those who were elected will be published to members. ISA will also disclose the number of eligible voters and percentage of overall participation in the election. The percentage of votes per nominee is available to the candidates upon request to the President.