Any event that carries the ISA brand must be approved by ISA. This ensures that all activities are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the Society’s mission, protects ISA's intellectual properties, preserves ISA’s tax-exempt status, and minimizes liability. Activities done by chartered Sections solely for the benefit of the section’s members do not fall under this policy.

Partnerships or participation with other organizations requires a staff negotiated memorandum of understanding. At a minimum, for the event to use the brand or be promoted to members, ISA must be represented in the technical programming. Agreements or affiliation with for-profit organizations may not jeopardize ISA’s nonprofit status. Contracts may only be initiated and signed by ISA staff.

The Society does not pay expenses incurred by speakers in connection with preparation nor meeting attendance, nor does it provide remuneration for papers published by the Society.

The Society may publish recordings of and papers from events. ISA will maintain the copyright on all recordings and papers presented at activities programmed by ISA.