Funding and Expense Reimbursement Policy for Society Volunteers

This policy covers which Society positions and activities are eligible for support. It also covers the spending regulations and requirements for reimbursement. This policy excludes funding by sections for their leaders and delegates, which is at the discretion of the section.

Positions and Activities Eligible for Funding

Although many volunteer responsibilities can be accomplished through virtual meetings, there are certain anticipated activities that require travel. If a volunteer is unable to get support from their employer, ISA has budgeted funds to cover travel expenses.

1.Governance activities
The following matrix identifies the leadership positions and typical ISA governance related activities that are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses:

  Society Leader Meetings Executive Board Planning Meeting Annual Member Meeting and Leadership Conference District Leadership Conference
Section Visits
Society Officers* x x x As schedule permits As schedule permits
Executive Board Members x x x    
Assembly Chairs x x x    
Vice Presidents x   x    
Vice Presidents-Elect     x    
District Vice Presidents x   x x x
District Vice President-Elects** x   x    
Division Directors*** x   x    
Division Directors-Elect***     x    
Image and Membership Committee Chair x   x    

* Includes President, President-elect Secretary, Past President and Treasurer.
**District Vice President-elect-elects are funded to attend the Annual Leadership Conference the year before becoming District Vice President-elect.
*** If a Division Director or Elect has other means of funding to attend, the monies may be allocated to another member of the Division Board with the prior approval of the Vice President.

2. ISA events and other industry activities
At times, and as budgeted, Society leaders and members may be requested to serve as official representatives of ISA at key industry events and other organization’s activities.  This participation must serve the direct interest of ISA to qualify for reimbursement. 

Expense Regulations

Reimbursement of travel expenses are limited to the following:

  1. Coach fare for common carrier travel of eight hours or less; upgraded class must be approved by ISA HQ in advance.
  2. Daily meal expenses of USD 100 or lower, including any ticketed functions (i.e. H&A events, etc.).
  3. Hotel rate for single occupancy equivalent to or lower than the negotiated group rate, when applicable.
  4. Mileage for use of personal vehicles at the US federal allowance plus tolls and related parking charges, provided these do not exceed the cost of air travel.
  5. Hotel and/or airport parking for the duration of the event.
  6. Transportation to and from the airport or train station.
  7. Bank fees for currency exchange associated with reimbursable expenses.

Examples of travel expenses NOT reimbursed:

  1. Rental cars, unless circumstances make it impractical to use public transportation; rental car must be approved by ISA HQ in advance.
  2. Extending travel for purposes outside of eligible activity.
  3. Travel agency or administrator expenses.

Receipts are required for any individual expense above USD 25; scanned copies of original receipts are acceptable.  When separate bills for meals are not available, the names of the individuals present must be included with the expense report.  Personal expenses such as laundry, insurance, valet, spa, tuxedo rental, and entertainment are not reimbursed. 

Reimbursement Requirements

Requests for expense reimbursement must be submitted within 45 days of the end of travel, on the ISA expense report form, include itemized receipts as required, and be in accordance with the submission requirements on the form.

Any member with questions or seeking further interpretation of this policy should contact the ISA Treasurer. Obtaining clarification should be completed before paying for the expense to avoid being liable for unexpected non-reimbursable expenses.