January 2023

ISA18, Instrument Signals and Alarms 

ISA18 is currently voting on an update of ISA-TR18.2.3, Basic Alarm Design. There are three areas of design: basic alarm design, human-machine interface (HMI) design, and design of advanced alarming techniques. This technical report addresses considerations for basic alarm design, in which the alarm attributes are specified and designed based on the requirements found in the alarm philosophy and determined by rationalization (for example, alarm priority and setpoint).

ISA18 is tentatively planning to hold a face-to-face meeting in New Orleans during May, exact dates to be determined.

ISA75, Control Valve Standards

ISA75 is currently voting on ISA-75.27.01, Cryogenic and Low Temperature Seat Leakage Testing of Control Valves. This standard describes the preferred method of cryogenic and low-temperature seat leakage testing of sliding stem/linear motion control valves when required by the purchaser or user. Cryogenic and low temperature are defined as –196°C (–320°F) and –46°C (–50°F), respectively.