The following draft standards are available to ISA members and others for review, with comments due by the date shown. Contact Charley Robinson to request a review copy.

  • ISA-75.25.01-202x, Test Procedure for Control Valve Response Measurement from Step Inputs. Purpose: to define how to test, evaluate, and report the response of a control valve to a step input change. Comments due by 22 September 2023.
  • ISA-96.03.02-202x, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Valve Actuators (revision of ANSI/ISA-96.03.02-2015). Purpose: to provide general requirements for the development of specifications for pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. Comments due by 11 September 2023.
  • ISA-96.03.03-202x, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Vane Type Valve Actuators. Purpose: to provide guidelines for specifying pneumatic vane type valve actuators used in industrial applications. Comments due by 11 September 2023.
  • ISA-18.1-202x, Annunciator Sequences and Specifications. Purpose: to establish uniform annunciator terminology, sequence designations, and sequence presentation and to assist in the preparation of annunciator specifications and documentation. Comments due by 4 September 2023.