The ANSI project initiation form announces the start of a standards project to develop a new or revised version of an ISA standard. ISA members and any others who are interested in taking part in these projects are asked to contact Lynne Franke, ISA Standards.

  • ISA-96.03.02, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Valve Actuators (May 2023)
  • ISA-96.03.03, Guidelines for the Specification of Pneumatic Vane Type Valve Actuators (May 2023)
  • ISA-60534-8-2 (75.07.02), Industrial-Process Control Valves – Part 8-2: Noise considerations – Laboratory measurement of noise generated by hydrodynamic flow through control valves (identical national adoption of IEC 60534-8-2) (April 2023)
  • ISA-60534-8-3 (75.07.03), Industrial-Process Control Valves – Part 8-3: Noise considerations – Control valve aerodynamic noise prediction method (identical national adoption of IEC 60534-8-3) (April 2023)