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Identify the forces that act on closure components and actuators. Describe how these forces work in the positioning of closure components. Prepare equations required to determine an actuator (i.e. pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric) size based on piston or effective diaphragm area and spring characteristics.

This subcommittee will address control valves that directly transmit actuator linear motion to the closure components. This would normally include such styles as globe and cage valves.


This subcommittee has been formed to determine the forces and system parameters that influence control valve actuator sizing requirements, and to develop standards or technical reports and to interpret and promote the technology involved for the sizing and selection of control valve actuators. Forces related to the valve, actuator, and process will be identified. Equations will be developed for the solution of these forces, and the resulting actuator sizing selection criteria will be established.

ISA Meetings

ISA75.24 was recently reactivated to work on ISA-TR75.24.01, Linear Pneumatic Control Valve Actuator Sizing and Selection. If you are interested in participating in this work, please contact ISA75.24 Chair Vince Mezzano or ISA Staff Contact Eliana Brazda.

For information about upcoming ISA75 and ISA96 meetings, please visit the ISA75 page.

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