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This subcommittee will provide a forum in which to determine and evaluate the fundamental cavitation problems in control valve applications, to establish methods for evaluating the potential for cavitation, to recommend standard testing practices for determining the suitability of equipment, and to recommend criteria for the presentation of performance data. The subcommittee shall evaluate the body of knowledge and shall provide information by means of a recommended practice document, by focusing attention on areas needing additional research, and by other educational means.


There is a great need among users of control valves to understand the nature and hazards of cavitation in control valves. User and manufacturer experience has shown that proper application of valves requires more information and understanding than have been presented by traditional control valve selection methods. Although extensive, the cavitation research and literature are neither unified nor in agreement on theory or application of control valves in potentially cavitating service.

A Word from the Chairman

The ISA75.23 working groups are preparing the technical report and standard to be derived from the existing ISA-RP75.23-1995, Considerations for Evaluating Control Valve Cavitation. If you have any questions regarding the working groups, or for any more information, please contact

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
(919) 990-9228

For information about upcoming ISA75.23 meetings and other ISA75 and ISA96 meetings, please visit the ISA75 page.

-- Fred Cain