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To make the necessary changes to the ISA20 series of forms so they are suitable for specifying control valves accessories for a variety of industries including, but not limited to generation, chemical, petroleum and gas. This subcommittee will also serve as liaison to the ISA20 committee, Instrument Specification Forms, which has the responsibility of conducting the General Board of Review and publishing the document.


To revise and improve the ISA20 series for control valves, such that their usefulness to control valve manufacturers, users, and the general public will be increased.

A Word from the Chairman

ISA75.14 has been reactivated to comment on the ISA20 control valve data sheets and make any suggestions for changes. The current control valve data sheets appear in ISA-TR20.00.01-2006, Specification Forms for Process Measurement and Control Instruments Part 1: General Considerations, and on the ISA-TR20.00.01 CD; the ISA20 committee expects to update these forms within the next 2-3 years.

For information about upcoming ISA75.14 meetings and other ISA75 and ISA96 meetings, please visit the  ISA75 page.

Warren Weidman 
ISA75.14 Chair

For more information, please contact

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
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