Process Automation and Control

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Process automation and control encompasses hardware, software, systems and methods that measure, regulate, manipulate and visualize industrial processes for optimum consistency, efficiency, and safety. Continuous processing operations require nonstop consumption of raw materials and energy to produce a product, such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemicals or power. Batch (or discontinuous) processing is similarly automated, but products come out in batches.

Topics Include

  • Instrumentation and sensors that measure processes
  • Final control elements such as valves and pumps that regulate processes
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCSs) and PID and loop control software that manipulate processes
  • SCADA and RTU systems as well as remote and control room interfaces that visualize processes
  • Applications can include process safety, burner management and fire and gas systems

Process Automation and Control Training Courses

ISA training courses within the topic of process automation provide the knowledge and skills needed to reduce downtime, find and correct inefficiencies, and institute safe practices.