Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

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ISA defines digital transformation as the adoption of sophisticated electronic tools and software applications to replace manual processes or simple spreadsheets to improve an organization’s efficiency, flexibility, resiliency, profitability, or other measure.

Digital transformation describes the process of integrating technology throughout and across an industrial organization to fundamentally change the way it operates internally and presents its products or services externally. Industry 4.0 is a related concept, initiated in Germany as Industrie 4.0, that is associated with smart manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution.

The terms encompass topics such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, cloud computing, digital twin, engineering design & simulation, virtual & augmented reality, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive & preventive control, autonomous vehicles, and IT/OT convergence.

Digital Transformation Training Courses

The Digital Transformation Training Series is a set of courses that provide an overview of the emerging and enabling technologies associated with digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Conference–Asia Pacific

The Digital Transformation Conference–Asia Pacific is a dual-track conference will focus on mining and supply chain issues in the Asia Pacific region. Specifically we will hone in on improved security and efficiency in the energy and mining industries, with an emphasis on predictive analytics, supply chain, and new technology implementation.

Free Webinar

Watch this free webinar, ​Responsible Disruption: What Engineers Need to Know about Digital Transformation, which aims to demystify digital transformation and will give you some actionable takeaways that will help add value and grow your career. Speakers include: Steve Mustard (Former ISA President), President & CEO, National Automation, Inc.; Dave Lafferty, President, Scientific Technical Services; and Scott Sommer, Department Manager, Instrumentation & Control, DPS Group Global.

Digital Transformation Blog Post on ISA Interchange

In this blog post, What Engineers Need to Know About Digital Transformation, learn about how digital transformation is fundamentally changing how an organization operates by the adoption of digital technology to increase value through innovation, invention, customer experience, or efficiency.