• 2015 Election Results

    Results of ISA's leader election are noted below. ISA extends sincere thanks to all candidates for their willingness to stand for election and congratulations to those who have been elected to serve the Society. Those elected will assume their elected positions on 1 January 2016.

    President-elect Secretary: 
    Steven W. Pflantz, St. Louis, Missouri, USA 100.0%

    Executive Board Member: Geographic (2 seats)
    (Note: percentages do not equal 100% because voters could vote for 2 individuals)
    Antonio Alves, Dollard De Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada 72.7%
    Alex Habib, Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA 59.1%
    Debashis Sadhukhan, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 37.6%

    Executive Board Member: Operational 
    Jon DiPietro, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA 100.0%

    Executive Board Member: Technical
    Donald Dunn, Highlands, Texas, USA 54.6%
    Steve Mustard, Spring, Texas, USA 45.4%

    Industries & Sciences Department Vice President-elect: 
    Graham Nasby, Guelph, Ontario, Canada 100.0%

    Image & Membership Department Vice President-elect: 
    Greg Lehmann, Denver, Colorado, USA 100.0%

    Professional Development Department Vice President-elect: 
    Nicole Jensen, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada 71.1%
    Glynn Mitchell, Marietta, Georgia, USA 28.9%

    The participation rate for our election was 5.35%. Data compiled by Survey and Ballot Systems, a company that has been conducting online elections for 20+ years, indicates that societies with membership between 15,000-33,999 conducting an online election typically have a response rate under 9%.

    Of the voters who provided feedback, 91.4% indicated they were very satisfied or satisfied with the experience and less than 1.% indicated they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. 

  • Society Officer, Executive Board Member, and Vice President Nominations

    Nomination for an elected Society  leadership position is an honor accorded to only a small percentage of the ISA membership. Service at this level provides the opportunity to gain management experience, enhance career development, and network with peers on an international level. In addition, employers receive exposure as a result to this level of Society activity. Candidates must be a Senior, Life Senior, Fellow, Life Fellow, or Honorary Member of ISA. You may refer to the Member Directory to confirm a potential candidate's member status.

    Nomination Process

    District Vice President
    • District Vice Presidents nominations are coordinated by the District Nominating Committee.
    • Any member of the District may recommend a candidate.

    President-elect Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board Member, and Department Vice President
    • President-elect Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board Member and Department Vice Presidents nominations are submitted to the ISA Nomination Committee.
    • Any ISA member may submit a nomination. In addition to at-large nominations, ISA has established an Officer Search Committee to recommend candidates. Deadline for submission of a Candidate Nomination Form - 31 March 
    • Upon receipt of the candidate nomination, candidates are notified and asked to provide biographical data.
    • The ISA Nominating Committee evaluates candidates and develops a ballot that includes, if possible, multiple candidates for each open position

    Election Process

    • President-elect Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board Member, and Department Vice Presidents are elected by ballot presented to eligible voting members in September. District Vice Presidents are elected by the District Nominating Committee (composed of the District’s Section Delegates, one delegate per Section, and chaired by the District Nominator).

    Duties and Responsibilities of Society Officers, Executive Board Members, and Vice Presidents

    Duties, responsibilities and desired characteristics of elected leaders are included in the Society’s Manual of Organization and Procedures.

    Society President-elect Secretary
    • Highest elected office within ISA.
    • President-elect Secretary serves one year, in second year automatically becomes President and in third year becomes “Past President.”

    • Chief financial officer of the Society.
    • Two year term and is only Society officer who may be elected to serve consecutive terms.

    Executive Board Members
    • Directors serving at the executive level on the Society’s Executive Board.
    • Three year commitment and may be re-elected for a lifetime maximum of six years.

    Department Vice Presidents
    • Directors serving at the executive level providing oversight to the Society’s operational and technical departments.
    • Four-year commitment—two years as Vice President-elect and two years as Vice President.

    District Vice Presidents
    • Directors serving at the executive level providing oversight to the Society’s geographic units.
    • Four-year commitment—two years of service as Vice President-elect and two years of service as Vice President.

    Contact Debbie Eby for additional information.