• ISA88, Batch Control

    The ISA88 committee has published a series of standards on batch control in industrial automation systems.

    ANSI/ISA-88.00.01-2010 Batch Control Part 1: Models and Terminology, provides standard models and terminology for defining the control requirements for batch manufacturing plants.

    ISA-88.00.02-2001Batch Control Part 2: Data Structures and Guidelines for Languages, defines data models that describe batch control as applied in industrial automation systems, data structures for facilitating communications within and between batch control implementations, and language guidelines for representing recipes.

    ISA-88.00.03-2003Batch Control Part 3: General and Site Recipe Models and Representation, defines a model for general and site recipes; the activities that describe the use of general and site recipes within a company and across companies; a representation of general and site recipes; and a data model of general and site recipes.

    ANSI/ISA-88.00.04-2006 Batch Control Part 4: Batch Production Records, provides a detailed definition for batch production records, establishing a reference model for developing applications for the storage and/or exchange of batch production records. Implementations based upon the standard will allow retrieval, analysis, and reporting of selected batch production record data.

    Also in development is a Part 5 standard,  Implementation Models & Terminology for Modular Equipment Control, in conjunction with the Make2Pack project.

    For information on obtaining the published standards listed above as well as ISA88 technical reports, select the "See all ISA88 Standards" link.

    Meetings: ISA88 does much of its work electronically, but also holds periodic face-to-face meetings.

    For more information on ISA88, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards.

    ISA88 Scope

    To provide guidelines for the design and specifications of batch control systems. This will draw from (and supplement) existing standards and recommended practices of ISA and other organizations. Subjects that will be considered for inclusion by this committee are:

    1. To define terminology specific to batch control systems that will encourage understanding between manufacturers and users.

    2. To provide a standard data structure batch control language to simplify the programming, configuration tasks, and communication between the various components of the system.

    3. To provide a standard data structure for batch systems that will simplify the task of data communications within the system architecture.

    4. To determine a standard batch control architecture that defines both the physical model and the functional model. The physical model is the hierarchical structure that relates control equipment and data communications needed for the physical areas involved in batch control. The functional model shows the relationships between the five types of control recipe management, scheduling, sequential control, regulatory control, and safety interlock systems.

    ISA88 Purpose

    To provide standards and recommend practices as appropriate for the design and specification of batch control systems as used in the process control industries.

    Standards Collaborations

    ISA collaborates with other organizations in developing industry standards.


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