• ISA84, Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Systems (E/E/PES) for Use in Process Safety Applications

    The ISA84 committee achieved an important milestone when publishing ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 Parts 1-3 (IEC 61511 Mod)Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector. This three-part series gives requirements for the specification, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of a safety instrumented system so that it can be confidently entrusted to place and/or maintain a process in a safe state. Through its working groups, ISA84 has also developed several key technical reports to provide guidance on the implementation and use of the three-part series of standards.

    For information on obtaining the published standards and technical reports, select the "See all ISA84 Standards" link.

    ISA84 does much of its work electronically, but also holds face-to-face meetings. For more information on ISA84, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards.

    ISA84 Scope

    1. To define terminology that is particular to E/E/PES and high reliability.

    2. Establish criteria for and means of assessing reliability and availability in practical applications.

    3. Provide general specification guidelines that facilitate understanding.

    4. Provide guidelines for process safety applications requiring high reliability.

    5. Develop guidelines for specific hardware/software configurations that can meet varying levels of reliability/availability.

    6. This work does not apply to nuclear power safety-related systems.

    ISA84 Purpose

    To develop standards and technical reports for use in applying Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Systems (E/E/PES) for use in process safety applications.

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