ISA offers study guides, training programs, books, and other reference materials to help you prepare for the CCST® exam.

Study Guides

A study guide is available to order for each level of CCST certification and provides practice with similar types of questions as those found on the CCST exams. ISA also publishes a technicians guide book series that covers many topics found in CCST

Review Courses

A CCST review course is available as a preparation course for all levels of the CCST certification exams and can be offered at your location. If you qualify for CCST, you may be eligible to take the exam free if you register for one of the following CCST review courses.

CCST Level l Review Courses

CCST Level ll - Specialist Review Courses

CCST Level lll - Master Review Courses

Training Courses

 ISA also offers a complete technical skills training path of courses as well as distance education programs that are helpful to those preparing for CCST. View the Technical Skills Training page to learn more.

Exam Questions

Questions on the exam were derived from the actual practice of technicians as outlined in the CCST Role Delineation Study and job task analysis. Using interviews, surveys, observation, and group discussions, ISA worked with technicians to delineate critical job components to develop test specifications to determine the number of questions related to each domain and task tested. This rigorous program development and ongoing maintenance process ensures that CCST certification accurately reflects the skills and knowledge needed to excel as an automation and control systems professional.

Sample questions are coming soon

Additional Resources