Asset Management and Enterprise Integration

When the plant gets designed\, somebody has to integrate the systems, build the plant and operate it and maintain it once it is a reality. Somebody has to make sure that the plant is integrated with the rest of the corporate enterprise, too. If that somebody is you, you will find huge amounts of actionable information on the ISA web site. ISA has textbooks, tutorials, training and experts on systems integration and control systems integration. You will learn about plant optimization, control system optimization, and asset optimization as you learn about plant asset management.

Good plant asset management strategies will make your plant operate better, faster, cheaper and with increased safety and reduced downtime. In order to remain competitive in today's fast paced manufacturing environment, you need the information and training ISA can give you. In addition, ISA has the deep information about manufacturing operations and manufacturing execution systems that you need to integrate your plant with the enterprise. ISA wrote the Enterprise Integration Standard (ISA95) and provides the expertise and training to use the standard and its recommended best practices.

It isn't enough any more to have an optimized control system or an optimized plant. If you want to know how to optimize your enterprise to make it flexible, and keep it agile enough to seize business opportunities as they arise, ISA's web site can help you learn how.