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The standard defines test procdures, data collection requirements, and data analysis methods for determining and reporting the dynamic performance of control systems for boiler and turbine control systems on generating units with a rated capacity of 25 MW or greater or a boiler steam flow greater than 25 kg/s (200,000 lb/hr). This standard covers all aspects of plant operation including constant load operation, normal load ramping operation, grid regulation operation, and response to frequency upset, load runback, and load rundown operation.


The purpose of this standard is to establish dynamic performance criteria for power plant control systems by specifying a consistent means of evaluating control system performance necessary to comply with contractual specifications and grid regulations.

A Word from the Chairman

ISA77.30 recently published a new technical report, ANSI/ISA-TR77.30.01-2015, Power Plant Control System Dynamic Performance Test Methods and Procedures. The committee is not currently working on any other documents.

Cyrus Taft
ISA77.30 Chair