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To develop automation standards for use in fossil power plants.


ISA77 Fossil Power Plant Standards Committee is the focal point within ISA for developing and maintaining standards, recommended practices, and technical reports related to automation in fossil power generating stations.


The ISA77 committee held the third Skype meeting of the year on November 13th, 2019. The next committee meeting is scheduled as a Skype meeting on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020. The November 13th meeting minutes, along with all previous meeting minutes for 2019, are posted below.

  13 February 2019 ISA77 Minutes

  3 July 2019 ISA77 Minutes

  13 November 2019 ISA77 Minutes


As a leader in instrumentation and controls to the power industry, we solicit your participation in the development of the important technical standards that apply to our work. The ISA77 committee members are volunteers who comply with the ISA antitrust policies with the overall objective to draft, comment, and ballot on minimum requirements of various topics for the power industry. Most of our work is accomplished via e-mail and Skype meetings, with perhaps one physical meeting per year in conjunction with the annual Power Industry Symposium.

Involvement as a member of ISA77 will greatly expand your knowledge of industry codes, good engineering practices, and networking through dialog with other power experts in drafting and maintaining these ISA documents. We invite your support and involvement in this important power industry standards development. If you have any questions about ISA77, then please don't hesitate to contact Sinming Kwong ( or Eliana Brazda (

For more information, please contact

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
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