The intent of this document is to standardize nomenclature, establish design criteria conducive to simplified specification, provide uniformity of installation, calibration, and maintenance procedures as they concern belt type weighing devices, with particular attention to:

1. Length for weight bridge and number of idlers 
2. Spacing of approach and retreat idlers 
3. Inclination and location of weight bridge 
4. Types of belts 
5. Degree of troughing 
6. Feed point and impact guarding 
7. Speed pick-up and/or control 
8. Strain and tension 
9. Ambient temperature and wind load affect 
10. Associated instrumentation 
11. Calibration requirements/procedures/frequency 
12. Recommended maintenance practices

Weighing devices may be mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic, or radiation type.

Length of transmitting signals, signal levels, remote controls, and so forth are included by reference to other existing ISA standards.

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