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ISA5 oversees the work of working groups that produce standards, recommended practices, and technical reports for documenting and illustrating measurement and control instruments and systems suitable for all industries.


To coordinate the activities of ISA5 working groups created to establish the means for documenting and illustrating the uses and functions of measurement and control instruments and systems. Additionally, ISA5 will ensure liaison between ISA5 working groups and other committees working in this area. The committee will also provide liaison and input to international standards writing bodies as applicable.

Chair: Thomas McAvinew

Managing Director: Ian Verhappen

ISA5 working groups active at this time:

  • ISA5.1, Instrumentation Symbols and Identification, working on a revision of the ISA-5.1 standard. Chair – Jim Federlein
  • ISA5.7, Development and Use of Process Flow Diagrams and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, working on an ISA adoption of ISO 10628-2, Diagrams for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry — Graphical Symbols. Chair – David Hobart
  • ISA5.9, Controller Algorithms and Performance, working on a technical report on the PID control algorithm. Co-Chairs – Yamei Chen and Michel Ruel

Current ISA5 standards and technical reports:

ISA-5.1-2022, Instrumentation Symbols and Identification
ISA-5.4-1991 Instrument Loop Diagrams
ISA-5.06.01-2007 Functional Requirements Documentation for Control Software Applications
ISA-TR5.1.01/ISA-TR77.40.01-2012 (R2016), Functional Diagram Usage

Current voting membership of the committee

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