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The activities of the committee and its subcommittees shall be sensors and transducers used in measurement and control.


To act as a coordinating body for the activities of its subcommittees working on standards in the areas of specifications and tests for transducers in measuring systems.

ISA37 Subcommittees

At ISA's 2004 President's Fall Meeting in Houston, Texas, the S&P Board accepted the standard status analysis task team recommendation to place a number of standard committees on inactive status, including the ISA37 subcommittees as follows:

  • ISA37.1, Transducer Nomenclature and Terminology
  • ISA37.10, Piezoelectric Pressure Transducers
  • ISA37.11, Servo Acceleration Transducers
  • ISA37.12, Potentiometric Displacement Transducers
  • ISA37.13, DC Output Pressure Transducers
  • ISA37.14, Acceleration Transducers
  • ISA37.15, Flow Transducers
  • ISA37.16, Pressure Transducers
  • ISA37.17, Displacement Transducers
  • ISA37.18, Force Transducers
  • ISA37.19, Level Transducers
  • ISA37.2, Specifications and Tests for Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducers
  • ISA37.20, Vibration Transducers
  • ISA37.21, Fiber Optics
  • ISA37.3, Strain Gage Pressure Transducers
  • ISA37.4, Resistive Temperature Sensors
  • ISA37.5, Specifications and Tests for Strain Gage Linear Acceleration Transducers
  • ISA37.6, Potentiometric Pressure Transducers
  • ISA37.8, Strain Gage Force Transducers

The S&P Board took this step to enable ISA to focus volunteer and society resources on projects that presently have both broad-based industry support and current committee activity. All the ISA37 subcommittee activity is now consolidated under the main committee ISA37. If business conditions change or if there is a critical need to reactivate any of these efforts, ISA will be responsive to the subcommittee's request. ISA37 chairs' and members' contributions to ISA standards are an important asset to the Society, and the S&P Board thanks them for their past and continued efforts in standards activities.

For more information, please contact:

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
(919) 990-9228