The ISA112 SCADA Systems standards committee is actively developing a series of ISA standards and technical reports for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Established in 2016, the committee now has over 200 SCADA experts from around the world representing a wide range of industries. Led by two volunteer co-chairs, the committee strives to have an even balance between: end-users, vendors, distributors, consultants, engineering firms, contractors, system integrators, government regulators, and other interested parties. As part of an ANSI-accredited standards development organization (SDO), membership in the ISA112 SCADA standards committee is open to all interested individuals.

ISA112 Scope

Develop a series of ISA standards and technical reports that address system design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of SCADA systems for pipelines, water and wastewater, power, oil and gas, and other industries to support the overall integrity and reliability of these systems.

ISA112 Purpose

The standards and technical reports will provide guidance on how to design, implement, operate and maintain SCADA systems by documenting best practices in a range of industries. The anticipated plan is to develop one or more standards to be supplemented by technical reports expanding on implementation details and industry-specific guidelines.

Committee Membership

Like all ISA standards committees, the ISA112 Systems Standards Committee is open to all interested parties. The ISA112 committee leadership strives to have an even balance between: end-users, vendors, distributors, consultants, engineering firms, contractors, system integrators, government regulators, and other interested parties. The committee also enjoys broad membership across many industry sectors, including: oil/gas, pipelines, mining, pulp and paper, chemical industry, environmental monitoring, and the municipal water sector. At present, the ISA112 committee has over 200 SCADA experts from around the world who regularly participate in the committee's activities. Individuals interested in joining the ISA112 committee as information members are welcome to contact one of the committee co-chairs, managing director, or our ISA staff contact listed below. All of the ISA112 committee members are volunteers.

Committee Leadership

Like all ISA standards committees, the ISA112 committee is lead by two volunteer committee co-chairs, who are in turn overseen by a volunteer managing director. Additional oversight is provided by the ISA's Standards and Practices Board.

The co-chairs are assisted by the ISA's professional staff, who provide provide the committee with collaboration tools and administrative support. The tools used by the committee include: an email discussion list (listserv), this website (, a document management tool (SharePoint), video/conference call hosting (MS Teams), and staff-managed software for managing the committee's membership roster.

ISA112 co-chair: Graham Nasby, City of Guelph Water Services

  • Graham Nasby holds the position of Water SCADA & Security Specialist at City of Guelph Water Services, a publicly-owned/operated water utility located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Prior to joining Guelph Water in 2015, he spent 10 years in the engineering consulting community after completing his B.Sc.(Eng) at the University of Guelph.  He is senior member of the International Society of Automation (ISA) and senior member of the IEEE. Mr. Nasby is a named SCADA expert on the IEC-TC65 committee on industrial process control and a  voting member of CSA committee P125 on Functional Safety., as well as being a voting member of ISA18 Alarm Management and ISA101 HMI Design committees.  Mr. Nasby is a member of both AWWA and WEF, and currently sits on the Ontario Water Works Association’s Automation Committee
  • Contact:, 519-822-1260 ext. 2192
ISA112 co-chair: Ian Verhappen, Willowglen Systems
  • Mr. Verhappen’s professional career covers a broad range of engineering, managerial, consulting and executive positions with a leading oil sands operator, automation suppliers, and consultants, and engineering societies. He spent the first 25 years of his career in the upstream hydrocarbon industry with Petro-Canada (now Suncor) and Syncrude Canada Ltd. gaining exposure to the full spectrum of the oil and gas as well as the oil sands sector. Ian left the Oil Sands industry for MTL Instruments (now part of Eaton) where he was responsible for the development of worldwide business strategy and results for MTL’s global industrial networking business. More recently, Mr. Verhappen has been working in the engineering services business as a global consultant assisting clients with their process plant networking, digital field systems, process control and safety systems, process analyzer systems and automation projects and as of September 2020 joined SCADA development company Willowglen Systems Inc..  Ian holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and a Certified Automation Professional. He is a Fellow member of the International Society of Automation and Professional Engineer in Alberta
  • Contact:
ISA112 managing director: Greg Lehmann, AECOM
  • Greg Lehmann is a Project and Commissioning Manager with extensive experience in engineering, design, construction supervision, start-up, and commissioning of various process equipment, instrumentation, and control systems used in oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, food & beverage, and water treatment facilities. Employed by AECOM, Greg is currently assigned to the AECOM-Global Oil & Gas office in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Greg is responsible for managing the Process Automation department that provides automation, instrumentation, and control - technical and engineering support from conceptual design through the final design, construction, start-up, troubleshooting, and commissioning phases of Oil & Gas projects.
  • Contact:
ISA112 ISA staff contact is: Torry Baily, ISA Standards Administrator

Current Work Plan

Since its inception in 2016, the ISA112 committee uses a program of monthly conference calls (last Thursday of the Month) and semi-annual in-person meetings. The bulk of the committee's work is done offline by both the committee members and the co-chairs between the calls and meetings.  Due to the current global covid-19 pandemic, in-person ISA112 meetings have been suspended as of March 2020.  However, the monthly conference calls (and offline work by committee members) continues as scheduled.   ISA112's membership is comprised entirely of volunteers who donate their technical expertise towards the common goal of consensus-based technical standardization.

The ISA112 committee is currently working towards the following plan:
  • 2016 committee inception
  • 2017-2019 - Development of Table of Contents, Diagrams, and draft content
  • 2020  -Release of first drafts of ISA112 SCADA Management Lifecycle and ISA112 SCADA Model Architecture diagrams
  • 2021 - Completion of first complete internal draft of core ISA112 SCADA standards
  • 2021-2022 - Internal Committee Comment Rounds and Editing
  • Fall 2023 - Target Date for publication of first ISA112 standards document
  • 2024-2026 - Development of ISA112 SCADA technical reports
Committee Milestones to date:
  • July 2016 - proposal for an ISA112 SCADA standards committee approved by ISA's Standards & Practices Board
  • August 2016 - volunteer managing director named for ISA112
  • Sept 2016 - first face-to-face ISA112 committee meeting held in Newport Beach, California, USA
  • Dec 2016 - volunteer committee co-chairs named for ISA112
  • May 2016 - ISA112 committee membership hits 50 members
  • August 2017 - first draft of the ISA112 model architecture diagram developed
  • Jan 2018 - major works starts on developing the ISA112 SCADA management lifecycle
  • Dec 2018 - ISA112 committee membership hits 100 members
  • May 2019 - draft of the ISA112 SCADA model architecture diagram released
  • June 2019 - draft of the ISA112 SCADA management lifecycle diagram released
  • Feb 2020 - face-to-face meetings were paused due to the covid-19 pandemic, but monthly conference calls continue
  • Nov 2020 - ISA112 committee membership hits 200 members
Currently Released Work Products (draft diagrams only) Upcoming Work Products
  • ISA112.01 - SCADA Terminology and Reference Diagrams
  • ISA112.02 - SCADA Management Lifecycle
  • ISA112.03 - SCADA Model Architecture
  • ISA112 Technical Reports (topics and number to be determined)
List of recent articles and presentations about the ISA112 SCADA Standard
  • TBA
List of ISA112 Committee members:
Graham Nasby (co-chair) City of Guelph Water Services
Ian Verhappen (co-chair) Willowglen Systems Inc.
Greg Lehmann (managing director) AECOM
Danny Aguirre Corporacion electrica del Ecuador
Hassan Ali Ajami PCI Vertix
Anas Alhalabi MTC Limited
Aneil Ali Automation Technology LLC
Abdullah Hussain Alkhalifah Saudi Aramco
Bryan Anders Northstar Radioisotopes
Juan Pablo Angel Espejo Consultant
Caleb Angel Sugarcreek Packing Company
Joseph Apawan Consultant
Vijay Aundhekar Nabors
Marco Ayala 1898 & Co (a division of Burns & McDonnell)
Omer Bin Abdul Aziz Avanceon FZE
Jim Baker Water Corporation
Santhosh Ballikonda Integrity360
Jason Baptiste Vestas
Maxwell Odei Benefo West African Gas Pipeline
John Benitz, Jr. Gray Matter Systems
Bhavdeep Bhatt Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc
Dean Bickerton The Reynolds Co
Marty Bince Rotork Controls
Joe Bingham AES Global Inc
Stephen Blank Balluff Inc.
David Board Rockwell Automation
John Bogdan J Bogdan Consulting
Umashankar Aghalaya Boregowda Desmet Ballestra
Nicolau Branco TBG – Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil SA
Patricia E. Brett Honeywell Inc
Paul John Brodbeck Control Associates
Alan W. Bryant Occidential
Ben Bunner Andritz
David Cameron UiO: Institute for informatikk
Gary Campbell Consultant
Elcio Cardoso Da Silva PETROBRAS
Joe Carlin Fairwinds Automation
Hugo Castro ETAP
Steve Cauduro NLS Engineering
Thom Chaiket Bergen County Utilities Authority
Woody Cohen Intel
Eric Cosman OIT Concepts, LLC
Ryan Costello NLS Engineering
Mark Crockett Applied Materials
Keith Demele Prime Controls
Deepak Deore Consultant
Ravindra Deshakulakarni Consultant
Richard Dilcher Dilcher & Associates
Ricardo Alexandre Diogo PUCPR
Jon-Paul Dixon Shrader Engineering
Eric Jamison Doucet Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
Robert Dusza Jr. Manchester Water and Sewer
Bridger Edwards Consultant
Benjamin Egger Alameda County Water District
Khaled El Melegy Parsons Intl
William Falkenstein Hillstone EP
Carter R. Farley Instrulogic
Douglas Fisher Willowglen Systems Inc.
Thomas Fiske Yokogawa
Bridget Fitzpatrick Woodard & Curran
Conrad Fonseca Petrobras Transporte S.A.
Dean Ford IB Abel Inc.
Luiz Rogerio De Freitas Junior Vale S.A.
Tex Gamvrelis Aveva
Darran Garforth Sector 8 Solutions
Dave Geiger Gray Matter Systems
Randy Geist Consultant
Rafael Girundi Accenture
Jason Glaskin-Clay IBI Group
Marcos A. Gonzalez CDM Smith
Jonathon Grant DirectDefense
Joylyn Gray JMP Engineering
Joseph Griffo Conocophillips
Nathan Gulka Consultant
Shams Ul Islam Haleem Saudi Electricity Company
John Haley Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Chris Hall Marathon Oil Company
Jason Hamlin Corso Systems
Bryon Hayes Grantek
Weihai He Schneider Electric
Amar Shivaram Hegde CDM Smith
Christopher Hidalgo Signature Automation
Stan Hilton Thermo Systems
Andrew Huddleston Algonquin College
Saed Hussain CDM Smith
Victor Ibikunle Schneider Electric
Yifan Jiang Consultant
Alejandro Augusto Jimenez Yokogawa Europe
David Johnson Exida
Bruce Johnston HDR Inc
Robert Johnston BW Systems, Inc
Wally Kabbara Sr. Saudi Electric Co
Hassan Kaghazchi ARC
Mark Kekkonen PLCs Plus International Inc
John Mark Kennedy Williams
Khaja Afsar Hussain Khaja Consultant
Tanuj Khandelwal ETAP
Asif Khokher Consultant
Esam Khudr Naizak Global Engineering System
Anchit Kishore Consultant
Frank Kling ETAP
Arthur Kloc Jacobs
Matthew Knight EMR Associates
Thomas Kuhn Mott MacDonald
David Lee Emerson Automation Solutions
Bruce Li Toronto Water - City of Toronto
Hongbin Li Consultant
Heleno Amorim Linhares Jr. Consultant
Colin Lippincott OleumTech Corporation
Jason Little Region of Peel
Oliver Daniel Lorenzo Contreras Republic Steel Inc
Michael Marullo Cfar International Ltd
Ken Masica Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mark Massa Plant IQ
Brian Lee Mast Copper Bell Consulting LLC
Patrick McCafferty CDM Smith
Sean McMillan Jones Carter
Johan Mera Inngenia S.A.S.
John Miller TIGA
Kevin Morris TMEIC
David Munoz Oxy
Steve Mustard Consultant
Farukh Naqvi Just Born
Felipe Nascimento E-Merge Systems Inc
Paul Nelson Eugene Water & Electric Board
Louis Nguyen US Air Force
Claudia Souza Oliveira Vale S.A.
Michel Oliver G2 Integrated Solutions
Diego A. Orduz T. Ecopetrol
Johanna Carolina Orjuela Ecopetrol
Muhammed Padli Schneider Electric
Carlos Eduardo Paiola Consultant
Anatoliy Panasyuk Microsoft
Chris Paredez Oxy Permian
Kevin Patel Signature Automation
Rajesh Shreepad Patwari Shell Chemicals LP
Ariel Perez Sparq Systems
Raji Pillutla Consultant
Adam Plumstead Eramosa Engineering Inc
Ganesier Ramachandran Consultant
Vasantharaj Ramalingam Gradiant International Holdings Pte Ltd
Venkiteswaran Raman Consultant
Michael Ramesar BP Westlake One
Jason Alan Rhodewalt Consultant
Sanford Rice Atmos Energy Corporation
Gareth Roberts Cygnet Texkimp
Carlos Mandolesi Trinity College Dublin
Ana Cristina Rodrigues Schneider Electric Brazil
Edgar Rojas Dolphin Ingenieria S A S
Pete Rullman Honeywell
Anton Sagayan Consultant
Fahd Mohammad Saghir Schneider Electric
Sanchit Sahay Consultant
Tahir Saleem Consultant
Kimberly Sanders AMTRAK
Ruth Schiedermayer Consultant
Jeremy Schlosser Consultant
Bryan Schoch Consultant
Pavol Segedy HDR Inc
Tushar K. Shah Eagle Research Corp
Vaibhav Sharma Consultant
Glendon Shaw Autom8Enrg
Aslam Sherule Cisco
Robert Shull NC State University
Nathan Slider Consultant
Graham Speake Accenture
Matthew Stafford Consultant
Matt Stajov NLS Engineering
J. Stanford Cisco
Herman Storey Consultant
Clifton Summers Hess
James Swetlikoe Retired / Bechtel OG&C, Inc.
Roy Tanner ABB
Jeffrey Teel Consultant
William Teodecki Aqua America
Jeffery Terrell Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Alnoor Thawer Consultant
Bill Tian Greater Toronto Airport Authority
Kyle Tracy Woodard & Curran
Craig Trowbridge Spectrum Engineering Corp.
Julyann Tu AWC Inc
Samuel Van Ryder Dragos
Jo Visschers Visschers-Consulting
Sunilkumar Bharatkumar Vora Consultant
Duc Vuong Integreys Group
Jonathan Waker Browns Hill Engineering
Curt W Wendt CDM Smith
Maurice Wilkins Yokogawa UK Ltd
Blair Wilson Rockwell Automation
Michael Wisesa E&C Engineering
Bill Wisnewski IB Abel Inc.
Juan Yactayo Consultant
Manoj Yegnaraman Carollo Engineers Inc
Douglas Yerger Grantek Systems Integration
Yesid Alberto Yermanos Aldana Ecopetrol
Naoki Yoshima Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Harris Zane Belden Inc/Tripwire Inc
Robert Zinn Glatt Air Techniques
Torry Bailey ISA Staff
Eliana Brazda ISA Staff
Charley Robinson ISA Staff

Note: This listing is updated every 6 months. If you have any questions, please contact ISA112 co-chair Graham Nasby.
Last Updated: November 11, 2022

For more information, please contact:
Torry Bailey
ISA Standards Administrator
(919) 990-9311