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To develop standards, recommended practices, and technical reports to communicate the necessary information to allow subsystems to be managed, and to interact such that the building or collection of buildings appear to the user to be a single coordinated and cohesive building automation system.


This standard committee will address:

(a) Unified management of the various automation subsystems of an individual building, a local collection of buildings such as a campus, or a geographically diverse collection of buildings.

(b) General requirements, classifications, and prioritization for vendor-neutral communications between or among different automated building subsystems within an automated building. Standard mechanisms will be defined as necessary to achieve compliance with the required inter-system communications and mechanisms.

  • NOTE:  This work is independent of data protocols, but will address strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in order to define integration strategies and recommended guidelines for use in building automation projects. It will reference applicable information models, but will not undertake the development of new models.

(c) Lifecycle planning and procedures for integration strategies in building automation projects. This will include facilitation of communications among project personnel, documentation, and chain-of-custody procedures.

For more information, please contact:

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
(919) 990-9228