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The subcommittee's focus is to define scalable architectures, system
components, and protocols that allow secure reliable wireless connectivity for test
cell based turbine engine measurements.

The subcommittee will address multi-tier wireless technologies including but not
restricted to wireless mechanisms for data transmission and passive wireless
sensing or technologies required for harsh environments as found in the
operating power turbine test environment

The results of this Subcommittee may serve as a basis for future on-wing engine
health monitoring or control systems.

This subcommittee will leverage the efforts of existing committees (e.g., ISA84,
ISA99, ISA100) and contribute to these committees as necessary.


Identify where shall the wireless interfaces need to be?
• Define the surrounding environment (inside or outside engine)
• Identify the radio frequency (RF) environment

Develop Multi-vendor interoperability support for various applications
• System integration support for critical and non-critical measurements
- Common application interfaces
- Common network management
- Enhanced security management

Develop co-existence support
• With other network standards - possible
• Other proprietary networks - not addressable

For more information, please contact:

Eliana Brazda
ISA Standards Administrator
(919) 990-9228