Committee work products will apply to continuous processing applications, addressing topics including:

  • Models and terminology
  • Modularization of procedural steps to foster re-use and lower TCO
  • Exception handling for abnormal situations
  • Physical, procedural, and application models
  • Process unit orientation with operational perspective
  • Recommended best practices
  • Implementation of start up, shutdown, abnormal situations, hold states, and transition logic
  • Recommended target platform (i.e. control system vs. safety system) for different types of procedures
  • Lifecycle management best practices
  • Training and certification best practices


To develop standards, recommended practices, and technical reports on the design and implementation of procedures for automating continuous process operations

The Co-chairs of this committee are Dr. Yahya Nazer and Andreas Sachs.

The Secretary is Jeff Richter.

The Editor is Charlie Green.

The Managing Director is Dr. Maurice Wilkins.

Please contact Charley Robinson for more information.