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1) To provide input to IEC SC65E WG4.

2) To define the interfaces for both the vertical and the horizontal data flow, called Function Control and Data Access, in the framework of a Client-Server architecture. It shall allow application software and configuration tools to interact with field devices in a unified way, while hiding the manufacturer-specific interaction with devices or sub-systems in a software module.

3) This standard shall allow any field bus, device or sub-system specific software tool to be integrated as part of a universal life-cycle management tool of a plant automation system.


1) To ensure the consistent management of a plant-wide control and automation technology, it is necessary to fully integrate fieldbuses, devices and sub-systems as seamless part of a wide range of automation tasks covering the whole automation life-cycle. The main aims are:

  • Universal and central plant-wide tooling for the life-cycle management of heterogeneous fieldbus environments, multi-vendor devices and sub-systems independently of the automation domain (e.g. process, manufacturing)
  • Integrated and consistent life-cycle data of the control system including the fieldbuses, devices and sub-systems
  • Simple but still powerful vendor-independent integration of different automation devices and sub-systems into the life-cycle management tools of a control system.

2) The main application domains are industrial process control and manufacturing execution systems.

3) The benefits are savings in operation, engineering and maintenance of the control systems.

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