• Named Awards

    The ISA Scholarship Committee, a part of the ISA Educational Foundation, reviews all submittals to the Foundation and identifies scholarship recipients. These named awards are among the funds distributed through the Scholarship Committee. Click here to apply.

    Eligible applicants are currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program in an instrumentation, systems, or automation discipline (2 year program or 4 year baccalaureate program or its equivalent) at an educational institution in their country of residence.

    • Two year program applicants must have completed at least one academic semester or 12 semester hours or its equivalent.
    • Four year degree program applicants must be in their sophomore year or higher of their study or its equivalent at the time of application.
    • Applicants must be full-time students in an educational institution and have at least an overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

    In addition, in order to be eligible for the specific awards below, they must also meet any criteria that is listed under the name of each award. These requirements apply specifically to the awards below only.

    • Norman E. and Mary-Belle Huston Scholarship - Funds provided by the family of Norman E. Huston.  Dr. Huston was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and President of ISA in 1979.
    • Bob and Mary Ives Scholarship - Funds provided by Executive Board action in honor of  Robert P. Ives, President of ISA in 2003.
    • Paros-Digiquartz Endowment - Paros-Digiquartz has donated funds to be distributed at the rate of $2,000 each year for ten years beginning in 2007.
    • Daris and Gerald Wilbanks Endowment - Provided by the ISA Birmingham Section, in honor of Gerald Wilbanks,1995 ISA President and an active leader and volunteer of the Birmingham Section.