• ISA101, Human-Machine Interfaces


    The ISA101 Committee will establish standards, recommended practices, and/or technical reports pertaining to human-machine interfaces in manufacturing applications.


    The standards, recommended practices, and/or technical reports developed by ISA101 will be directed to those responsible for designing, implementing, using, and/or managing human-machine interfaces in manufacturing applications. Unless noted otherwise in a specific ISA101 document, the documents will apply to all manufacturing industries.

    The areas covered within ISA101's work will include: menu hierarchies, screen navigation conventions, graphics and color conventions, dynamic elements, alarming conventions, security methods and electronic signature attributes, interfaces with background programming and historical databases, popup conventions, help screens and methods used to work with alarms, program object interfaces, and configuration interfaces to databases, servers, and networks.

    ISA101 Organization

    The current co-chairs of ISA101-HMI are  Dr. Maurice Wilkins  and Greg Lehmann.

    The draft standard is organized into the following sections:

    • Clause 0: General (Maurice Wilkins)
    • Clause 1: Scope (Maurice Wilkins)
    • Clause 2: Normative References (Nick Sands & Dale Reed)
    • Clause 3: Definition of Terms and Acronyms (Nick Sands & Dale Reed)
    • Clause 4: HMI System Management (Bridget Fitzpatrick & Ian Nimmo)
    • Clause 5: Human Factors/Ergonomics (Beth Vail & Traci Laabs)
    • Clause 6: Display Types (Dave Lee & John Benitz)
    • Clause 7: User Interaction (Bridget Fitzpatrick & Alan Bryant)
    • Clause 8: Performance (Mark Nixon)
    • Clause 9: Documentation and Training (Dawn Schweitzer)

    ISA101 does much of its work via email and web meetings, but also holds face-to-face meetings.  The group also maintains a SharePoint site at 


    that is available to members. Access information is the same as for the ISA Web site.

    If you are interested in joining ISA101 or would like additional information, please contact Linda Wolffe at lwolffe@isa.org or (919) 990-9257.

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