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A print magazine has been helping ISA to Set the Standard for Automation™ for almost all of this association’s more than 75 years in existence. During that time, the name has changed—from ISA Journal to Instrumentation Technology to InTech—but the magazine’s mission has always reflected and supported ISA’s vision, mission, and values. We do that by regularly creating and delivering industry-leading, unbiased content in a variety of formats that advances the technical competence of our diverse global membership. And we keep evolving, in more than just name.

You see today a streamlined and redesigned InTech magazine—a magazine that reflects the realities of rising costs for paper and postage as well as the desires of members for a better digital experience. When our more than 14,000 member subscribers indicate their preferred format, 62 percent want to feel the paper in their hands while 93 percent want pixels on a screen. The majority, as indicated by the overlap, prefer both print and digital content consumption.

InTech magazine articles are now more compact; extraneous departments have been removed; and author bios and links to additional resources have been expanded. The Digital Edition of InTech, which is a reproduction of the printed pages that is viewable as either a “flip book” or a sequence of single-page PDFs, retains all the figures, photos, and design elements of the printed page while enabling easy sharing and links to additional information.

Revamped processes also mean more contributors can find a home outside the physical limits that printing and postage impose, because high-quality articles that do not fit in InTech magazine can be more easily published in InTech FOCUS ebooks or InTech Plus newsletters.

In 2021, we shared the work of 46 authors through the pages of InTech and InTech FOCUS. We gave their articles additional reach through InTech Plus newsletters and social media channels. If you are an author, a blogger, or an automation professional looking to get published for the first time, I hope you will send your well-researched reports, application notes, and thought-leader essays to be considered for the InTech family of publications. Reach out to me or to any ISA Pubs Committee member with completed articles or topics you want to write on. You can also reach out to InTech contributing editors. Our newest, Jack Smith, joins Bill Lydon, Charley Robinson, and me as staff who are here to help ISA members get published.

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Renee Bassett is chief editor for InTech magazine and Automation.com, and publications contributing editor for ISA. Bassett is an experienced writer, editor, and consultant for industrial automation, engineering, information technology, and infrastructure topics. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and English from Indiana University, Bloomington, and is based in Nashville.