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2022 Award Recognition Recipients

ISA’s 2022 Honors & Awards Committee is “Celebrating Excellence” by recognizing the following individuals and groups this year.

Excellence in Technical Innovation

Uday Sheorey from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, is recognized for the design and development of a high-resolution micro tool for retinal surgery procedures. This award, endowed by Honeywell UOP, recognizes an individual who has played a critical role in the conception, design, and/or implementation of an innovative product, process, and/or service. 

Excellence in Corporate Technical Innovation

Recognizing a company whose contributions and innovations have enhanced social value, the award goes to BBA Canada in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, for the development of a new technology that automatically converts an existing camera feed into a sensor using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Excellence in Technical Presentation

This award recognizes the author(s) of the most outstanding paper, article, presentation, or document published and/or presented on behalf of ISA that introduces a new technology or explains an existing automation process. Brad Carlberg of Hoodsport, Wash., U.S., wins for an outstanding InTech article titled “Digital Twins Enable the Autonomous Paper Mill.”

Excellence in Education

This award goes to an individual who has developed and/or enhanced established educational programs to advance the automation profession in educational institutions. Cesar de Prada Moraga of Universidad De Valladolid in Valladolid, Spain, wins for the development of CAD software, for teaching purposes, that has been used in various universities in Spain.

Mentoring Excellence

Richard Tunstall of Lee College in Baytown, Texas, U.S., is recognized for his excellence in mentoring students and young professionals.

Excellence in Enduring Service

This award, which can go to up to five honorees, recognizes dedicated volunteer service to the Society at the grassroots level. Mary Cannon of Houston, Texas, U.S., is recognized for years of dedicated service and leadership to the ISA Houston Section. Philip Evans of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is recognized for years of dedicated service and leadership to the ISA Calgary Section.

Excellence in Society Service

Jose Salinas of Mexico City, Mexico, was honored for his distinguished and dedicated volunteer service to the Society. 

Division Excellence

Members of the Water and Wastewater Industries Division were recognized for the development and/or execution of programs and/or services to advance the mission of the Society.

Division Leader Excellence

Simon Lucchini of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was recognized for his outstanding efforts and contributions as a division director for the Safety and Security Industries Division.

Section Excellence

The Spain Section has been recognized for the development and/or execution of programs and/or services to advance the mission of the Society.

Section Leader Excellence

Hanumant Pansare, Pune Section President based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, is recognized for outstanding efforts to increase the membership for the Pune section and for winning the 2021 President’s Membership Challenge. 

Standards Excellence

This award recognizes an ISA standards committee member for exceptional efforts in organization, development, and/or administration to further the development of ISA standards and for services to advance the mission of the Society. Angela Summers in Houston, Texas, U.S., is honored for dedication in the development of ISA standards and technical reports related to safety instrumented systems.

Volunteer Leader of the Year

This award recognizes the volunteer who, in the previous year, provided the most outstanding service to advance the mission of the Society, unmatched by other leaders. This year’s honoree is Bradley Churchman of Katy, Texas, U.S., recognized for outstanding service and leadership to the Houston section. 


New CAPs and CCSTs

The following individuals have recently passed either ISA’s Certified Automation Professional (CAP) exam, or one of the three levels of the Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) exam. For more information about either program, visit the certification website.

Certified Control Systems Technicians 

Level 1

Craig Baurichter, U.S.
Mark Black, NEORSD, U.S.
Chester Ray Bossley, Jr., Motiva Enterprises U.S.
Richard Brown, Portland Water District, U.S.
Aaron Wayne Carlin, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Robert Carpenter, Florida Key Aqueduct Authority, U.S.
Arin Van Culin, Xcel Energy-Monticello Nuclear Generator Plant, U.S.
Daniel Alan Fetterolf, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
James Adam Fetterolf, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Matt Ryan Holmes, Metropolitan Sewer District, U.S.
Randy Howell, St. Johns County BOCC, U.S.
Joe Michael Hughes, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Marcus Louis James, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Robert Clinton Johnson, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Jacob Klima, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Hunter Jeffrey Kubiak, City of Thornton, U.S.
Robert Kulhanek, U.S.
Joshua David Lindstrom, U.S.
Richard Marzec, U.S.
Trevor Mohlenkamp, City of Westminster, U.S.
Michael Peterson, U.S.
Joseph Pettijohn, U.S.
Robert Richards, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District U.S.
Adam Ridley, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Robert Scherpenberg, U.S.
Ryan Shane Romero, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Stephen Douglas Shelton, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Jason Stahlecker, City of Westminster, U.S.
Aaron Sturm, City of Westminster, U.S.
Timothy A. Vandrasik, NEORSD, U.S.
Robert P. Vojnovich, U.S.
Dale Lee Voyles, Motiva Enterprises, U.S.
Jon Waganer, City of Westminster, U.S.
Jonathan Williams, U.S.

CCST Specialist – Level 2

Eric Aviles Boria, City of Austin Water Utility, U.S.
Kevin G. Karagory, U.S.
Brian Keel, City of Ann Arbor WWTP, U.S.
Carlos LaLuz, U.S.
Ryan Percy, U.S.

CCST Master – Level 3

Robert L. Hopkins, U.S.
Manuel Luis Lombardero, AES Corporation, Panama

Certified Automation Professionals

Junya Fujita, Hitachi Ltd., U.S.
Sandeep Singh, National Fertilizers Limited, India
Caitlin Sharkey, Thermo Systems, U.S. 
Preston Smith, U.S


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