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New CAPs and CCSTs

The following individuals have recently passed either ISA’s Certified Automation Professional (CAP) exam, or one of the three levels of Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) exam. For more information about either program, visit certification and testing.

Certified Control System Technicians

Level 1

Chad M. Arnoldus, U.S.
James Andrew Atkinson, U.S.
Samer Battikha, U.S.
Ryan Blair, Shermco System Integration, U.S.
Kayle Bollin, U.S.
Andrew Boone, U.S.
Alexander Brimacombe, Canada
Daniel M. Chandler, U.S.
Eliazar D. Cruz, U.S.
Duane Dickey, U.S.
Lon Fitch, Cobb County Water System, U.S.
Daylen Grewe, U.S.
William Brian Gubbins, Akorn Pharmaceuticals, U.S.
Luis Miguel Hernandez, U.S.
Laurence JH Kaufman, U.S.
Sean Keane, MillerCoors, U.S.
David Leal, U.S.

Level 2

Aaron J. Conley, U.S.
Danny Cooper, MillerCoors, U.S.
Walter Duckworth, Total Petrochemicals USA, U.S.
Adam Eishen, Prime Controls LP, U.S.
John Gowder, MillerCoors, U.S.
Joseph Mark Grubb, U.S.
David Halter, MillerCoors, U.S.

Level 3

Benjamin G. Cade, U.S.
James A Frederick, Engineering Institute of     Technology, U.S.
Jacob R. Irvin, Cobb County Water System, U.S.
Daniel Ray Richter, U.S.
Edward J. Tomaszewski, Xcel Energy, U.S.

Certified Automation Professionals

Mohamed Abdelrahman, Yokogawa Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Devesh Agrawal, Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) Ltd., Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Amin Ahmed Salama, Egypt
Ali Hussain Al Majed, Saudi Arabia
Mohannad Al-Shahrani, Saudi Arabia
Ali Alhaddad, SNC-Lavalin Fayez Engineering, Saudi Arabia
Ali Almatar, Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz Balghonaim, Saudi Arabia
Nate Bisantz, ASC Process Systems, U.S.
Mohamed Amer Mansur Eljabo, Canada
Miguel J. Borges Filho, Petrobras – CENPES, Brazil Asim Iqbal, Worley Parsons Engineering
     Consultancies Company, Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Ismail Khalid Mohamed, FM Approvals, Saudi Arabia
Christopher Michael Marik, U.S.


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