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  • By Renee Bassett
  • October 05, 2020
  • Features

Tales from the trenches by ISA volunteers setting the standard for automation

Compiled by Renee Bassett

Modeling the boundaries between enterprise systems and control systems. Defining automation and batch processing with an object-oriented design pattern. Putting industrial cybersecurity on the map. Developing the first safety instrumented systems standard for the process industries. Creating standards and technical reports for alarms, human-machine interfaces, continuous process procedures, and more. On all these topics and more, ISA has set the standard for industrial automation.

ISA standards help automation professionals streamline processes and improve industrial safety, efficiency, and profitability. Since 1949, ISA has been recognized as the expert source for instrumentation, control, and automation consensus industry standards. Today, as the Society celebrates its 75th anniversary, there are more than 150 ISA standards and technical reports reflecting the expertise of 4,000 industry experts around the world.

ISA standards committees welcome participation from automation professionals across the globe. One of the many benefits in volunteering is to help craft consensus, balanced standards that move industry forward. Visit for more information on participating.

The following stories from ISA standards leaders highlight standards that have had great impact over the years. 

Contributors and contacts

  • ISA-5.1 Tom McAvinew
  • ISA-18.2 Nicholas P. Sands
  • ISA-76 James F. Tatera
  • ISA-84.1 Angela Summers and Paul Gruhn
  • ISA-88 Dennis Brandl
  • ISA-95 Chris Monchinski
  • ISA-99 Eric Cosman
  • ISA-101.01 Maurice Wilkins
  • ISA-106 Bill Lydon
  • ISA108 Ian Verhappen
  • ISA-112 Ian Verhappen and Graham Nasby
  • Charley Robinson, ISA Standards

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