ISA-76.00.02-2002: NeSSi

Regarding ISA-76.00.02-2002, Modular Component Interfaces for Surface-Mount Fluid Distribution Components – Part 1: Elastomeric Seals, this document was created in 2002 at the request of and with the help of Exxon, Swagelok, Parker, and additional users and vendors.

There was a call for a small-sampling platform that was not tube based and on which devices from multiple suppliers could be used. No vendor was willing to invest in it until the basic platform was defined in an open standard, so they would not have to make different products for different vendor footprints.

The result was the development of this standard—commonly known as NeSSi (the New Sampling Sensor Initiative)—and many vendors have made products to fit on this platform. This standard has also been published as an IEC standard (IEC 62339-1 Ed. 1).

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