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    Key industry leaders share their views about the ISA Corporate Partners Program.

    Be More, Be a Maverick - Industrial Automation Career Recruitment Video - Maverick Technologies

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    How to Join an ISA Standards Committee

    Nick Sands, 2015-2016 vice president of the ISA Standards and Practices Department, explains how to join an ISA standards committee.

    Welcome to ISA

    Prabhu Soundarrajan, vice president of the ISA Industries and Sciences division, welcomes members and encourages them to support meeting the 2016 goals.

    Leadership Training

    Charlie Souza, 2015 vice president of the ISA Houston Section, talks about how ISA leadership training and networking will benefit your career.

    Automation War Stories:
    Lessons learned from the field

    Listen to ISA members Greg Lehmann, technical manager for AECom Technology Corp., Denver, CO, and Jim Garrison, senior specialist, aeSolutions, Greenville, SC, share their real-life experiences and the lessons learned at a gas pipeline compressor station and in a biofuels feedstock plant, respectively.

    Inside Automation:
    Theory Meets Reality 2015

    What is the value of what you do?

    Peter Martin, PhD, Vice President, Business Value Solutions, Schneider Electric

    When Peter Martin was a kid, his father said to him "don't try to solve world hunger". That meant: Don't take on a problem that's too big to solve within the constraints that you're given, says Martin. Automation and controls applied effectively can apply to the great challenges of the problems today. But what do we need to do? What is our value in the world today?


    ISA and MAVERICK Technologies held a jointly developed, high-level, invitation-only conference called Inside Automation: Theory Meets Reality in April, 2015. Thirty-five of the brightest minds in industry gathered in Columbia, Illinois, for an intensive 2-day workshop focused on creating a dialogue around some of the greatest challenges and opportunities that our industries face.

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