Luis Garcia

Luis M. Garcia currently holds the position of Business Consultant for Latin America for Siemens Energy and Automation as a Certified Functional Safety Expert by the CFSE Governing Board and as member of the Global Process Safety Group.  Luis has been working extensively in the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical sector for 27 years, helping to develop standards, procedures and projects all around Latin America and Europe.

As a Charter Engineer, Luis has participated in the design and development of instruments for Safety Related applications, such as Solenoid Valves since 1989.
Luis graduated with honors from Liverpool University (1981) as a Metallurgist and Material Scientist, and holds a Mechanical degree from Saint Joseph Technical College from Rosario, Argentina, obtained in 1972.

Luis real passion is teaching, and he has taken several courses in Methodology of the Learning process for adults.  He has several white papers, seminars and workshops presented at ISA Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and other international events in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain and Great Britain.

Luis was born in Venezuela, is married to Kathryn and has three Children:  Miguel, Jade and Kiana.  They currently reside in the Houston area