Ken Kolkebeck; CAP, CBCP

Ken Kolkebeck has spent over thirty years in the control field, most of it in the specialized area of controls for critical ventilation systems. Early in his career he was employed by Johnson Controls and Rosemount.

Ken co-founded Tek-Air Systems, Inc. in 1983 and served for fifteen years as president of that leading US manufacturer of airflow measurement and control equipment. He founded Facility Diagnostics in 2001 to provide consulting, guidance, commissioning, and validation services to building owners, design engineers, and constructors engaged in building, renovating, and operating research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Ken has several patents for airflow measuring devices and fume hood airflow control. He is the past chairmen of AMCA's Airflow Measurement Station Division and a Co-author of ANSI/AMCA's Airflow Measurement Device Test Standard 610.  He has authored and been quoted in magazine articles associated with building controls, and lectured for ASHRAE, ISPE, AMCA, and the DOE/EPA "Labs for the 21st Century" program.

Over the years Ken has participated in hundreds of critical control projects for research laboratories, vivariums, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, industrial plants, and hospitals. He has twice been a member of the National Institute of Health-National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIH/NIAID) "Special Emphasis Panel" for the review of applications for several national and regional biocontainment laboratories. He is a Certified Automation Professional, ISA and Certified Building Commissioning Professional Assoc. of Energy Engineers.

Ken has authored four publications: "Constant Results for VAV Lab Systems"; Engineered Systems; June 02, "Airflow Measurement and Control in Pharmaceutical HVAC Applications"; Pharmaceutical Engineering; August 02, "Building Automation for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing"; Heating Piping and Air Conditioning; May 05 "Environmental Monitoring and Control Using Digital Systems", Tablets & Capsules; Sept. 06