Jim Tatera

James F. Tatera's On-Line Process Analysis experience includes over 27 years with a major international chemical company and over 4 years consulting through his own firm and others. This experience includes both U.S. and International assignments in analytical research, process engineering, project engineering, production management, maintenance management, and consulting. He has recent project experience with: Sampling, GC, X-Ray, NIR, Raman, FTIR, Viscosity, Particle Sizing, Mass Spec., Turbidity, Color, Oxygen, Moisture, LEL, pH, Conductivity, TOC, TOD, Oil Film Monitoring, and several environmental and ambient monitoring techniques. Jim has consulted for users, vendors, and academia. Mr. Tatera received a Bachelors' Degree in Chemistry and Math from the University of Wisconsin, has completed the course work for a Masters' Degree in Chemical Instrumentation and Analysis at the University of Minnesota, and received an MBA from Central Michigan University. He is one of the original Certified Specialists in Analytical Technology (CSAT) and an active member of the ISA and ACS. He is involved in U.S. and International Standards activities and is the ANSI USNC Technical Advisor to IEC SC 65D (Industrial Process Measurement and Control - Analyzing Equipment). Additionally, he is on the Editorial Advisory Board of InTech, an instrumentation magazine, a Fellow of the ISA, and has received several other honors and distinctions while working in the field of Process Analysis.