SCADA Systems Integration IC30M (Online)



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Length: 7 Modules   Access available for one year
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This is a self-paced, online course consisting of 7 modules which take a detailed look at an introduction to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Participants will learn how remote sensing and actuation are combined with modern communication techniques to effectively monitor and control very large industrial processes, like oil fields, pipelines, and electrical power systems.  This course will cover most major SCADA applications, SCADA system components and architecture.



You will be able to:

  • Determine how SCADA developed from its source technologies and recognize the factors that make SCADA different from other process control systems
  • Evaluate the principles of SCADA and explain how the basic building blocks are integrated to form a working system
  • Visualize and evaluate the applications of SCADA
  • Explain where SCADA may benefit the project and where not to apply SCADA
  • Apply information and procedures for:
    • Design and Specification of a SCADA system
    • SCADA system integration
    • SCADA system testing and commissioning
    • SCADA system migrations

Modules Descriptions:

•         Module 1: Introduction to SCADA (20 min)

This module introduces the basic concepts of SCADA and SCADA architecture. Topics include process commands, data gathering requirements, control and monitoring technologies, and some widely used applications for SCADA.


•            Module 2: SCADA Communications (25 min)

This module covers SCADA Communications including communication concepts and media, communication system standards and protocols, and network infrastructure.


•            Module 3: Remote Terminal Units (RTU) (25 min)

This module builds on the foundations of concepts and communications and expands into the primary elements of SCADA systems. Characteristics of RTUs, communication modes, and RTU configuration are discussed.


•            Module 4: Field Devices (30 min)

In this module you will learn about some of the Field Devices that RTUs communicate with in SCADA systems including Sensors and Actuators as well as other considerations.


•            Module 5: Master Terminal Unit (45 min)

In this module you will learn about the Master Terminal Unit (MTU) and review concepts, communication, functions, scan periods, configuration and applications. By the conclusion of this module, you should have a solid understanding of MTU application including functions, hardware, configuration, and RTU and data scanning periods.


•            Module 6: Topics of SCADA Project Execution (20 min)

In this module you will learn about major topics for executing a SCADA project including conceptual design, system design, functional description, test plans, detail design, software development. A review of a few samples of phased project life cycles is also included.


•            Module 7: Sample SCADA Projects (20 min)

The last module is designed to provide you with experience in making decisions about SCADA system integrations using sample projects. You will apply what you have learned in some scenarios, label some diagrams, and take the course completion quiz




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Module 1: Introduction to SCADA

Module 2: SCADA Communications

Module 3: Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Module 4: Field Devices

Module 5: Master Terminal Unit

Module 6: Topics of SCADA Project Execution

Module 7: Sample SCADA Projects


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