Process Automation Boot Camp For Non-Maintenance Personnel (PABC)


This course was specifically developed for non-maintenance personnel with little or no background in the field of process measurements and control. The class focuses on the physical measurement technologies, the communication signals and the various applications of instrument equipment to achieve common process measurements and control. The course is strategically designed around lab demonstrations and in depth class discussions. The course offers a fundamental knowledge for operations, technicians and engineers working in the process control industry.

Who Should Attend?

  • Operations personnel with no instrument maintenance responsibilities, but who require a general knowledge of process automation equipment
  • Automation engineers who need a basic understanding of process automation equipment, signal transmissions and process measurements
  • Process control engineers who need to understand the operation of all equipment associated with the process control loop
  • Process control equipment sales staff needing to learn process measurement and control and the various applications of process instrumentation
  • Managers responsible for overseeing operations or maintenance personnel who need a general overview of the technology maintained by their staff
  • Maintenance planners responsible for scheduling technicians and other staff personnel work schedules



Course Objectives

  • Present an overview of industrial measurements, automation equipment and equipment installations to familiarize non-maintenance personnel with a basic knowledge of instrumentation including terminology and operation
  • Define the latest P&ID standards
  • Convey recommended installation practices for the most common process measurement and control equipment
  • Describe measurement technologies employed by different types of measurement instruments
  • Describe the various communication signals and related pros and cons.
  • Demonstrate transmitter and control valve configuration and calibration processes
  • Explain the process control loop
  • Explain basic troubleshooting techniques to verify proper field equipment operation



Bonus Features


5-Day Intensive Training Curriculum

  • Documentation
  • Transmitter & Signal Transmission
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • AMS Operations
  • Control Valves
  • Start-Up Logistics

(See Curriculum tab for more details.)

Class Graduation*

As a culmination to an intensive week of training, students will receive their certificates of successful completion for a job well done and the right to say, "I SURVIVED ISA PROCESS AUTOMATION BOOT CAMP!"

*Note: Students must attend the entire week of lab-intensive exercises and lecture in order to receive their certificate of completion.



Intensive Hands-on Training Curriculum:


Days: 4.5
CEUs: 3.2
PDHs: 32

You Will Cover:

  • Documentation: P&IDs | Process Flow Diagrams | Location Plans | Installation Details | Area Classification Plans
  • Transmitter & Signal Transmission: Measurement Terminology | Communication Signals | Measurement Conversions | Pneumatic Loop | 4-20ma Loop | Digital Loop | Calibration
  • Pressure Measurement: Pressure Principles | Pressure Elements | Gauge Pressure Measurements | Flow Measurement/Differential Pressure | Level Measurement/Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Level Measurement: Surface Detection | Interface Detection | Hydrostatic Pressure | By Weight
  • Flow Measurement: Differential Pressure Flowmeters | Variable Area Flowmeters | Open Channel Measurement | Magnetic Flowmeters | Vortex Shedders | Turbines | Ultrasonic Flowmeters | Mass Flowmeters | Positive Displacement Flowmeters
  • Temperature Measurement: Principles | Thermometers | Bimetallic Elements – Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) | Thermocouples | Thermistors | Radiation Pyrometers
  • AMS Operations: AMS Software Utilization
  • Control Valves: Control Valve Design | Actuators | Positioners | Transducers | DVCs
  • Start-Up Logistics: Construction Inspection | Loop Check | Commissioning | Troubleshooting | Single Loop Control Strategies | Controller Tuning

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Your Drill Instructor

Manuel Garza has extensive work experience in the areas of project development, engineering, construction, and start-up. His professional background includes positions from Instrument Trainee to I&E Technologist to Engineering Technologist with Dow Chemical Company since1967. He holds an Associates of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Del Mar Technical Institute of Corpus Christi, TX. He started teaching for ISA in 1998.

What Past Students Have Said

"[Mr. Garza was] very knowledgeable and interesting."

"Mr. Garza was able to help with any questions we had and explain the proper way to do [the labs]."

"[Mr. Garza] was the best I've had so far. He made the class very interesting even though I don not work with smart xmitters at all."

"Very exceptional instructor. Attitude was very good. Helped further everyone's understanding."

"Manuel is the best instructor...he teaches and makes it very easy to understand—would love to take more classes taught by him."