Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA88 Standards (IC40E) - Online

Length: 7 Weeks
CEU Credits: 2.1
Course Hours: Online Course—Refer to Syllabus
Certification of Completion: A Certificate of Completion indicating the total number of CEUs earned will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


This course presents an approach to developing functional requirements/specifications using the models and terminology defined in the ANSI/ISA88 batch control standards. A review of the characteristics of batch manufacturing systems is included. Participants will explore the ANSI/ISA88 concept that separates the recipe from the equipment. This course includes a methodology that defines an object approach based on ANSI/ISA88 that promotes the reuse of these objects from one project to the next.

You will be able to:

  • Specify the requirements for a batch control system
  • Effectively structure and subdivide equipment entities
  • Define procedural elements that can be effectively used with the above equipment entities
  • Describe modes and states and how they are applied at the equipment level
  • Develop phase logic that executes in equipment and that can deal with both normal and abnormal operations
  • Recognize the various control languages that are available
  • Identify the alternative architectures for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCSs), and PC-based control systems
  • Describe the interfaces that are needed between batch control and other systems within an enterprise

You Will Cover:


Students are asked to take the pre-exam, which includes questions related to the subject matter areas. Answers will be provided for students to assess their knowledge, prior to beginning the course material.

•     Module 1: Overview of ANSI/ISA88

•     Module 2: Physical Model - Part 1
•     Module 3: Physical Model - Part 2

•     Module 4: Physical Model - Part 3

•     Module 5: Recipes - Part 1
•     Module 6: Recipes - Part 2

•     Module 7: Equipment Phase Logic

•     Module 8: Activity Model
•     Module 9: Designing Batch Systems
•     Module 10: ISA & Other Batch Standards

WEEK 7 –
•     Final Examination

Course Materials (Digital Format):

  • Course noteset with slides from course modules andcourse syllabus 
  • ANSI/ISA88.01-1995 (R2006) - Batch Control Part 1: Models and Terminology
  • ANSI/ISA88.00.02-2001 - Batch Control Part 2: Data Structures and Guidelines for Languages
  • ANSI/ISA88.00.03-2003 - Batch Control Part 3: General and Site Recipe Models and Representation

Features of ISA CyberU online course:

Online Pre-recorded Course Modules 

Your instructor has pre-recorded each course module so that you can access the course presentations on your schedule. Each module is a web/audio session that takes approximately 60 minutes.

Ask the Expert 

Interact with your expert instructor, via email throughout the course and through scheduled live Q& A sessions. You can expect a reply to your email within 24 hours. This email address is active during the entire course duration.

The Q&A sessions provide an opportunity for you and your classmates to speak one-on-one with the instructor. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course material and interact with your fellow classmates.

Class Discussions 

You will be invited to subscribe to a course discussion group that includes course participants. You can use this discussion group to post questions and share experience relevant to the course with other class members.

Course Assignments and Exams

Take the course pre-test before you begin studying the course material to get a better understanding of areas that you will want to focus on more during the course.

Homework assignments for all modules will be indicated on the syllabus. The homework assignments are designed to help expand your understanding of the course material.

Complete the final exam for the course in order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit. The final exam will be taken and scored online.

You must receive at least 80% on the course exam to receive CEU credit.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits are awarded to all students who successfully complete the final course exam.

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