Burner Management Systems Engineering Using NFPA Code 85 and ANSI/ISA77 Standards (ES16)

This course covers the safe start-up, monitoring, and shut-down of multiple burner boiler furnaces. It also discusses causes of furnace explosions and the relationship between burner management systems and boiler control systems. Prior attendance at ISA ES15: Boiler control Systems Engineering Course or an understanding of boilers and boiler control is assumed.

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Classroom (ES16)

Length: 2 days 
CEU Credits: 1.4

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Jerry Gilman, the developer and instructor of the popular ISA training ES-15 “Boiler Control Systems Engineering” and ES-16 “Burner Management Systems Engineering” gives an overview of the topics that are addressed in the courses.  In addition, he talks about the boiler control simulator that is used in class to provide a hands-on control experience of running a live boiler that is configured to meet the NFP fire protection code and ISA77 series standards. Gilman is also the author of ISA’s Boiler Control Systems Engineering, Second Edition.

"Gave good knowledge of what NFPA 85 requires for BMS." 
— Brian Rychener, Electrical Engineer

You will be able to:

  • Identify the primary cause of furnace explosions
  • Apply NFPA 85 Code
  • Use design basis documentation and flow sheets
  • Identify equipment needs for gas, oil, and pulverized coal systems
  • Explain prefiring purge requirements for both single and multiple burner boilers
  • Follow the ignition-permissive establishment procedures for single and multiple burner systems
  • Implement flame failure protection for specific systems
  • Design alarms, interlocks, and emergency shutdown systems
  • Describe the function and use of the burner front, operator interfaces, and logic systems

You will cover:

  • Burner Management Systems (BMS): Requirements | Safety Systems | Causes of Boiler Explosions | Risk Analysis | Engineering and Safety System Teams | Standards
  • NFPA 85 Code: Scope | Purpose  | Format | Requirements
  • Boiler Components: Ignition Combustion Zones | FD and ID Fans | Heating Components | Boiler Drums
  • Interlocks:    Definitions | Functions | Systems | Fuel Oil Conditions | Single Burner Boiler | Furnace Purge System
  • Control: Combustion Control | Single/Dual Fuel Cross Limiting Control | O2CO Control | Drum Level | Fluidized Bed | Furnace Pressure Control Systems | Implosion Protection
  • Programmable Controllers: Final Element Configuration | Guidelines | Air Flow Measurement
  • Airflow, Flame Detection: Flow Measurement | Flame Sensors/Monitors | Tangential Firing Pattern
  • Trip Philosophy: De-energize to Trip | Energize to Trip | Field Switches | Master Fuel Trip
  • Logic Methods: Symbols | Sequencing Logic | Fuel Valves | Furnace System Purge | Manual Auto Start | Safety/Reliability | Understanding Risk | Power Supplies
  • Hardware Selection: Programmable Electronic System | Safety System Options | Relays | Simplex/Redundant PLC | Documentation | Test System  

Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

  • Design piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)s for gas, oil, and pulverized coal furnace systems
  • Develop logic diagrams for igniter and switch settings
  • Develop shut down and permissive lists for single and multiple burners

Includes NFPA Standard 85 Code 2011—Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Codes

Recommended ResourceBoilers Control Systems Engineering, Second Edition

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