Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Exam Review Course (EC00)

Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) Exam Review Course (EC00) reviews the knowledge and skills areas included on the CAP examination. The intent is to prepare an automation professional who meets the exam criteria to take the exam. The content is based on the job analysis domains, tasks, knowledge areas, and skill areas developed as the basis for the CAP certification exam. Learn more about ISA's CAP certification

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The ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) certification is a mark of career excellence that affirms your commitment to quality and demonstrates your expertise and knowledge of automation and controls. ISA CAP certification provides you with a non-biased, third-party, objective assessment and confirmation of your skills and expertise as an automation professional.

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Classroom (EC00)

Length: 3 days 
CEU Credits: 2.1

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Virtual Classroom (EC00V)

Length: 3 days 
CEU Credits: 2.1

Virtual Classroom Offering (EC00V)

Instructor-Guided Online (EC00E)

Length: 13 weeks 
CEU Credits: 2.3

Instructor-Guided, Online Offering (EC00E)

Self-Paced, Modular (EC00M)

Length: 21 Modules, (Approximately 21 hours)
CEU Credits: 2.1

Self-Paced Modular Offering (EC00M)

Learning Objectives

  • Define the scope and format of the CAP exam
  • Compare process variable measurements and control valve selections
  • Discuss how the various types of control technologies are used in industrial automation, including process control from basic to advanced control, discrete, batch, motor and motion control
  • Identify the range of digital communications used in automation and how these are used in system integration
  • Explain when safety instrumented systems (SISs) are needed and how they are specified
  • Recognize the importance of electrical issues that relate to grounding and noise
  • Apply the critical areas of automation opportunity identification and project justification
  • Interpret the best practice methodology for automation project execution

Topics Covered

  • Field Devices
    • Pressure, level, temperature, and flow measurement
    • Analytical measurement
    • Discrete field devices
    • Control valves
    • Communication concepts
  • Control and Simulation
    • Response and loop characteristics
    • PID control
    • Advanced regulatory control
    • Multi-variable control
    • Distributed control system
    • Control strategy design steps
    • Documentation
    • Batch control
    • Discrete control
    • Drive control
    • Motion control
  • Operator Interface and Alarm Management
    • Human machine interface (HMI)
    • Historical data
  • Integration
    • Communications
    • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
    • Network security
  • Safety, Reliability, and Electrical
    • Safety instrumented systems (SIS)
    • Hazardous area classification
    • Protection techniques
    • Intrinsic safety
    • Pressurized enclosures
    • Grounding, shielding, and interference
  • Maintenance Management
    • General maintenance activities
    • Maintenance repair and improvement
    • Computerized maintenance management
    • Maintenance execution responsibilities
  • Workflow and Project Leadership
    • Opportunity identification and project justification
    • Communications and team processes


CAP exam-style practice questions

Resource Included

Certified Automation Professional Study Guide, Second Edition

Recommended Reading

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, 3rd Edition, edited by: Nicholas P. Sands, PE, CAP, ISA Fellow, and Ian Verhappen, P Eng, CAP, ISA Fellow

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