• Electrical Controls for the Control System Technician (TI23C)


    Course Length:  1 day (7 hours)
    CEUs:  0.7

    Course Description

    This course will focus on electrical control devices that are frequently overlooked in a formal training programs. It will speed up the learning process involving electrical devices and result in a higher level of job performance.  It will help improve knowledge-based skills, improve work flow efficiencies and minimize errors that result in unsafe circumstances and possible personal injury and property losses.

    You will be able to:

    • Use proper terminology and electrical symbols.
    • Make measurements of voltage, current and resistance.
    • Become familiar with the distribution of electrical power.
    • Make proper electrical connections.
    • Check various control devices for proper operation.
    • Use and describe the purpose of control relays for various applications.
    • Use and describe the function of timing and counting relays.
    • Use schematics, wiring diagrams and electrical ladder logic to commission, troubleshoot and maintain electrical controls
    • Use switches, pushbuttons, selector switches, solenoids, timing relays, counters, basic motion and speed control devices
    • Use electrical control devices to control the operation and failure modes for valve control applications and various process variables

    You Will Cover:

    • Electrical Standards and Best Practices
    • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
    • Power Sources
    • Wiring and Electrical Connections
    • Fuses and Circuit Breakers
    • Electrical Switching and Communication
    • Plug-In Relays
    • Timing Relays
    • Counters
    • Solenoids
    • Electrical Ladder Logic
    • Documentation
    • Valve Control
    • Troubleshooting

    Who should attend?

    Control System Technicians that need training to reinforce their knowledge of basic electricity and develop skills required to install and maintain electrical control devices.