• Implementation and Maintenance of LDAR Programs for Oil and Gas Sites (SP12PC)


    The regulatory world for upstream and midstream oil and natural gas operations is rapidly changing.  Many of these sites are now receiving more scrutiny from regulatory agencies, particularly for their leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs. This seminar is designed for the LDAR coordinator or individual responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the LDAR program at an upstream and/or midstream oil and natural gas site.  The focus will be on definition of fundamental regulations, practical implementation strategies and quality assurance/control programs, in order to appropriately comply with federal/state regulations.

    You will be able to:

    • Explain applicable LDAR regulations for upstream/midstream oil and natural gas:   
      • NSPS KKK
      • NSPS OOOO, Subpart W (Proposed)
      • MACT HH, and HHH

    • Develop an LDAR quality assurance/control program
    • Identify potential pitfalls that could result in potential violations
    • Discuss and share best practices with other participants

    You Will Cover:

    • Regulatory Review
      • History
      • New Source Performance Standards
      • Hazardous Air Pollutant Standards
      • Anticipated changes

    • Key elements of a successful LDAR program
      • Applicability determinations
      • Identification of leaking equipment
      • Scheduling of monitoring
      • Repair of leaking equipment
      • Identification of new equipment/management of change
      • Maintenance
      • Program documentation

    • Areas of Concern
    • Quality assurance/control of your LDAR program
    • Best Practices/Lessons Learned

    Classroom Exercises:

    • Regulatory Review Case Studies
    • P&ID components and application
    • Problem Identification:  Criteria, monitoring, and abnormal data patterns