• Audit-Proofing Your LDAR Program - New and Improved for 2017



    This course will review LDAR compliance obligations under state, federal, and Consent Decree LDAR requirements. Attendees will learn advanced compliance strategies and best management practices compiled from over 100 industry facilities. This course provides expert interpretation on frequently asked/encountered compliance questions that the regulated community and LDAR contractors come to learn about each year at ISA, including, but not limited to:

    • Applicability of State & Federal Requirements
    • Key EPA Applicability Determinations
    • Stringency/Rule Consolidation
    • Forensic Database Analysis
    • Advanced QA/QC Techniques
    • Emissions Estimation

    The course also includes a review of common and uncommon LDAR audit findings and compliance “blind spots” to be addressed.

    You Will Be Able To:

    • Operate from an outside auditor’s perspective.
    • Define common compliance pitfalls at your facility.
    • Describe deviations and potential enforcement penalties.
    • Identify critical issues before your next LDAR audit.
    • Create inspiration for the LDAR team to strive for 100% compliance.
    • Design a plan for the EHS Manager to sleep better at night.

    You Will Cover:

    Enforcement Initiatives  

    • Notable Enforcement Cases
    • NOVs, FOVs, and Stipulated Penalties
    • NEIC’s Audit Approach


    Common Audit Findings  

    • Calibration & Monitoring Techniques
    • Comparative Monitoring
    • Field Issues
    • Recordkeeping & Reporting
    • Consent Decree Enhanced Requirements



    • Identifiying Red Flags
    • Forensic LDAR Techniques
    • Quality Assurance/Control Methods
    • LDAR Best Management Practices
    • Benchmarking Your LDAR Program