• Fundamentals of Industrial Process Measurement & Control (FG05M)

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    Course Details:

    Course: FG05M
    Length: Twelve modules
    CEU: 0.9
    Price: $1350.00/$1080 ISA Member


    This course is an overview of industrial measurement and control for technicians, engineers, and managers. It provides the basic understanding and foundation for communication with other control systems professionals.

    You will be able to:

    • Communicate the latest trends in measurement and control
    • Recognize the role of measurement and control in industrial processes
    • Compare continuous, batch, and discrete control and how they are used in industry
    • Interpret measurement and control terminology
    • Compare the methods and devices used in temperature, pressure, level, and flow measurement
    • Describe the operation and components of a feedback control loop
    • Identify the fundamental concepts of controller tuning
    • Compare different control system architectures, including single loop controllers, distributed control systems (DCS), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
    • Apply ISA standards to interpret symbols and documentation    

    You Will Cover:

    • Concepts of Process Control: Typical Industries | Definitions | Continuous vs. Batch | Feedback Loop
    • Documentation: Instrument Line Symbols | Function Symbols | Identification Letters | Piping and Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID) | Loop Diagram 
    • Industrial Measurement Systems: Process Measurement | Standard Signals | Instrument Performance Terminology | Repeatability and Accuracy | Zero, Span, and Linearity Errors | Calibration Chart
    • Pressure Measurements: Concepts | Instruments | Differential Pressure Measurement | Pascal's Law | Absolute and Atmospheric Pressure | Relationship between Pressure and Column of Liquid | Hydrostatic Head Pressure | U-Tube and Well Manometers | Bourdon Pressure Gage | Spiral and Helical Elements | Bellows and Diaphragm Elements
    • Level Measurement: Dip Stick Level Measurement | Basic Sight Glasses | Float and Cable Arrangements | Ultrasonic | Capacitance Probe | Radiation Point | Rotating Paddle | Radar Level System | Interface Measurement | Hydrostatic Pressure | Open Tank Level | Zero Suppression/Elevation | Air Bubbler System
    • Flow Measurement: Types of Flow | Reynolds Number | Differential Pressure Flowmeters | Concentric and Eccentric Orifaces | Flow Nozzle | Venturi and Pitot Tubes | Target Flowmeter | Rotameter or Variable Area Meter | Magnetic, Vortex, Turbine, and Ultrasonic Flowmeters | Doppler Effect | Flow Tube Vibration and Twist | Coriolis and Thermal Mass Flowmeters | Positive  Displacement Flowmeters | Rotary Vane, Oval Gear, and Nutating Disc Designs | Open Channel Flow Measurement | Weirs | Parshall Flume | Flowmeter Selection
    • Temperature Measurement: Temperature Scales | Liquid-in-Glass, Filled Bulb, and Bimetallic Thermometers | Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) | Reference Junction Compensation | Thermocouplers | Immersion and Insertion Lengths | Thermowells | Thermistors
    • Control Valves: Types | Valve Characteristics | Inherent Flow Characteristics | Actuators | Air to Extend/Retract | Positioners | I/P Transducer
    • Feedback Control Strategies: Control Hierarchy | Process Dynamics | Lags | Dead Time | Strategies | Direct/Reverse Acting | On-Off Control | Controller Modes | Proportional Control/Action | Level Control Offset | Integral and Derivative Action | Tuning
    • Advanced Control Strategies: Control Hierarchy | Cascade Control | Applications: With and Without Cascade | Ratio Control | Feedforward Control
    • Control System Hardware: Pneumatic Controller | Electronic Controller | Single Loop Controller | Distributed Control System (DCS) | Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) | Personal Computers for Control
    • Smart Field Devices: Current Practice | Typical Smart D/P Transmitter | Smart Temperature Transmitter System | Benefits | Innovative Applications | Fieldbus Foundation - H1 & H2 | How is Fieldbus Different? | Fieldbus Control System (FCS)

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