• CAP Associate — Apply for Recognition

    Applying for the CAP Associate program is easy! You will need to download, print, and mail the application form to ISA to complete the process. Once received, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by ISA about scheduling your exam

    Examination Application Fee: $85 for ISA Members; $95 for Non-Members

    To apply for recognition:

    1. Read and complete the CAP Associate Examination Application.
    2. Contact your Sponsoring Professor or Employer to determine if others in your program or company are interested in applying for the CAP Associate Recognition program and to confirm that he or she will serve as the site contact
    3. The Sponsoring Professor or Employer collects all applications for CAP Associate Recognition applicants, verifies the graduation date of the applicants on their applications, and submits all applications along with payment and a site agreement to ISA.
    4. Applications, payment, and the site agreement should be collectively submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the exam date.
    5. Applicants should study for the exam.  Review the CAP Associate Practice Questions and CAP Knowledge and Skills on the ISA website. Consider purchasing and studying A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge (www.isa.org/autobok) as part of your preparation for the exam.
    6. ISA will send you a confirmation letter prior to the test date.
    7. Bring your confirmation letter and photo ID to the test site at the designated time on the designated day.