• Live Webinar FAQs

    Q: What is the latest time to register for a live technical education webinar? 
    A: You can register for a seminar up until the start of the seminar.

    Q: When will I receive connection instructions for the webinar? 
    A: A week prior to the seminar you will receive your instructions via email. If you register within a week of the seminar, you will receive them within 24 hours of registering. If you register the day of the seminar, you will receive directions that day.

    Q: How many sites do I receive when I register? 
    A: You are allowed only one connection to the seminar.

    Q: How many registrants can I have at my site to view the webinar? 
    A: You can have as many participants as you want at your one site. Depending on the number, you may want to consider using an LCD projector to project the visual part of the presentation, and a conference/speaker phone for the audio portion.

    Q: Do I need a separate telephone and Internet connection? 
    A: Yes, you do need two separate connections. You view the seminar through your Internet web browser and listen to the audio presentation with a separate telephone connection (or cell phone).

    Q: Will I need a digital or analog phone line to listen to the webinar? 
    A: Either phone line will work. You will dial into a given telephone number and provide the passcode that is provided to you in the email of instructions. When you dial in, an operator will connect you into the seminar's audio portion.

    Q: What is the format of the webinar? 
    A: The session consists of three 20 minute presentation sessions with three 10 minute Q&A sessions interspersed. For a brief demo of an actual web seminar program, click here.

    Q: How may I ask questions during the webinar? 
    A: You may ask questions over your telephone during the specific Q&A Sessions. At any time during the presentation you may use your keyboard and web browser to ask a question via the Internet.

    Q: What methods of payment are available to register for a webinar? 
    A: You must use a credit card to register for a web seminar.

    Q: How can I test my Internet browser to ensure that it will work for the webinar?
    A: Go to http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=7268591

    Q: Is it possible for me to test a live demo to see how the webinar will work?
    A: Intercall is ISA's audio conference provider, and is a strategic partner with Microsoft LiveMeeting, provider of the visual portion of the seminar. Daily seminars are offered to learn more about this platform. Visit http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=7268591 and a program entitled 'Empowering Your Conference Communications' is available under the "Register for a Live Demo" link at the top of the page. Register for this seminar by checking the box on the left and clicking on the "Register" button next to the seminar title on the right of the date/time that best fits your schedule. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you go through the registration steps regarding your attendance

    Q: Can I claim PDH credit for participating in these webinars? 
    A: Your full participation in these seminars allows you to claim 1 PDH (Professional Development Hour) per seminar. However, dependent upon the organization to which you may be submitting this information, it is up to that particular body whether or not they will accept it for eligibility requirements. ISA does not issue or provide PDH certificates of completion for web seminars. Participants are asked to utilize your confirmation letter as proof of your attendance in these programs.

    Q: I'm having trouble installing the Live Meeting console on Internet Explorer 7. What should I do?
    A: Here is Microsoft's suggestion.

    Install the LM Console Using IE7 on XPSP2

    1. On the Meeting Entry page, click the gold bar asking user to run 'MSXML 3.0 SP5' and select Run ActiveX Control.
    2. Click Run on the Internet Explorer - Security Warning.
    3. On the Installation Page, click the gold bar and select Download File.
    4. Click Run on the File Download - Security Warning.
    5. Click Run on the Internet Explorer - Security Warning.
    6. The installation dialog is displayed until installation of the console is complete.
    7. After console installation a gold bar is displayed at the top of the page. Click the gold bar and select Run ActiveX Control to install the Launcher.
    8. Click Run on the Internet Explorer - Security Warning.
    9. On the Meeting Entry page the Please Wait message is displayed.
    10. The Console opens.