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    These courses are recommended for assistance and preparation for the CMRT (Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician) Certification Exam.

    Performance Domains:
     1 - Maintenance Practices; 2 - Preventive & Predictive Maintenance; 3 - Troubleshooting & Analysis; 4- Corrective Maintenance

    CMRT Performance Domain

    Title Format   1 2 3 4
    Basic Machine Technology Library (10 courses) Online  X      
    Bloodborne Pathogens  (1 course) Online  X      
    Electrical Power Generation (1 course) Online  X      
    Electrical Safety (1 course) Online  X      
    Line Breaking (1 course) Online  X      
    Lockout/Tagout (1 course) Online  X      
    Machine Guarding (1 course) Online  X      
    Powered Hand Tool Safety (1 course) Online  X      
    Rigging Library (2 courses) Online  X      
    Welding Safety Library (2 courses) Online  X      
    Workplace Mathematics Library (4 courses) Online  X      
    Advanced Vibration Library (2 courses) Online    X    
    Gaging & Measurement Library (2 courses) Online    X    
    Machinery Oil Analysis Library (3 courses) Online    X    
    Mechanical Print Reading Library (4 courses) Online    X    
    Thermography Library (3 courses) Online    X    
    Ultrasonics Library (3 courses) Online    X    
    Vibration Analysis Library (6 courses) Online    X    
    Belt/Chain Drive & Gear Box Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Clutches & Brakes Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Compression System Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Electrical Equip Control System Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Electrical Troubleshooting Skills (1 course) Online      X  
    Fasteners & Equipment Structure Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Lubrication System Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Mechanical Troubleshooting Skills (1 course) Online      X  
    Motor Drive System Inspection (1 course) Online      X   
    Pneumatic System Inspection (8 courses) Online      X  
    Troubleshooting Procedures (1 course) Online      X  
    Vacuum System Inspection (1 course) Online      X  
    Boiler Operation & Control Library (5 courses) Online        X
    Centrifugal Pumps Library (5 courses) Online        X
    Clutches & Brakes Library (2 courses) Online        X
    Industrial Bearings Library (3 courses) Online        X
    Industrial Drives Library (6 courses) Online        X
    Industrial Hydraulics Library (4 courses) Online        X 
    Industrial Seals Library (3 courses) Online        X
    Machinery Lubrication Library (3 courses) Online        X
    Steam Traps Library (3 courses) Online        X